Company provides cargo transportation services of the highest quality in European Union. Transportation is offered with different kinds of trailers:
• for dump trucks from 18m3 up to 65m3, suitable for transportation of bulk cargo (croppers, gravel, sand, angular rock, coal, wood pellets)
• for tent trailers 92m³
• for board trailers 13,6m³
• for cisterns, suitable for transportation of casting products
• for refrigerators
• for ADR (Transportation of dangerous goods)
SIA „Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks” has become the leading company in Latvia in the field of cropper transportation. This considerable accomplishment is achieved based on accurateness with what employees of the company officiate all of their duties.

Head of road transport Jānis Lanka, GSM +371 29 477 086, e-mail:
Forwarding agent Anna Ovčiņņikova, GSM +371 29 495 541, e-mail: