Company processes barley and rye grain in qualitative flour, groats and pearl-barley.
  • Barley groats
  • Pearl barley
  • Fine rye flour
  • Medium rye flour
  • Coarse rye flour
  • Feed barley and rye bran

Products manufactured in Otaņķi have been recognised and appreciated by most professional Latvian bakers, as well as food technology professionals. Thanks to the flexible production technology, customers are offered a special possibility to grind their grain at SIA ... to the desired degree of coarsness. All products are packed in 50 kg polypropylene (PP) sacks. NEW products! Rye flour 2kg package, as well as pearl barley and barley grits of 1 kg packages are available in the best Latvian shops

Manager of production Martiņš Skuja, GSM +371 29 143 144, e-mail: